• Double Slits & Long Sleeves

    "This" by far has been the most requested, best selling style of the season at Holyghost Girl Boutique...and possibly all over North-America! Why??? You tell me! "It's HOT because it's HAUTE." In fact, local and online retailers can't seem to keep this number instock. I can't count the number of times the phone, emails, and inboxes have buzzed about this style. Fellow boutique owners from Texas to New York and even St. Croix have been trying get their hands on this high commodity. "This" my lovies is none other than the DOUBLE SLIT MAXI DRESS!! Yes Indeed! see her below...isn't...

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  • Fashionably Cluttered Arm Party

    I'm actually liking this layered bracelet trend. When I initially saw the old school friendship bracelet reemerging my 1st thought was "OH NO! Fat Laces & Shell toes again???already???" Now I see where it was going....ahhh, sweet relief. Big chunky bangles, Yes! but Big chunky shoe laces (umm....stop playing with my fashmosis) unless of course you are a professional B-Boy or B-Girl. I think it's kinda hard to mess this trend up but I'm sure somebody will find a way. So if you need a tid bid of help here's how it's done. Roll those sleeves up if you're wearing...

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