• Double Slits & Long Sleeves

    "This" by far has been the most requested, best selling style of the season at Holyghost Girl Boutique...and possibly all over North-America! Why??? You tell me! "It's HOT because it's HAUTE." In fact, local and online retailers can't seem to keep this number instock. I can't count the number of times the phone, emails, and inboxes have buzzed about this style. Fellow boutique owners from Texas to New York and even St. Croix have been trying get their hands on this high commodity. "This" my lovies is none other than the DOUBLE SLIT MAXI DRESS!! Yes Indeed! see her below...isn't she "GORGE" In the past it was only available in a short sleeve version but what designer would be crass enough to not make a winter version? I'M JUST SAYIN .... my team get's an A++ for this rendition. 

    For less than $50 you can own her. Purchase online at under the "Dresses" section. Size's S-M-L currently available to order. The plus size version is still in negotiation.

    Let us know what you have to say about this DOUBLE SLIT MAXI... inquiring minds want to know.


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