• Bitters Detox Loose Herb Tea -Phase 1

    Bitters Detox Loose Herb Tea -Phase 1
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    The Bitters Detox is a blend of natural herbs intended to help cleanse:

    • The Skin

    • The Liver

    • The Gall Bladder

    • The Lymph Glands

    • The Kidneys

    • The Colon

    • The Respiratory 

    Also assists with the removal of heavy metals in the body.

    This product may be taken in conjunction with authentic wild crafted sea moss 


    Key Ingredients in the Bitter Cleansing herbs tea:

    Burdock root: Cleanses liver and lymphatic system

    Dandelion root: cleanses kidney and gallbladder

    Mullein: Cleanses lungs and activates lymph Circulation in chest and neck

    Chaparral :Cleanses Lymphatic System and Clears Heavy Metal from Blood/ Gall Bladder

    Elderberry: Removes Mucus From Upper Respiratory System/ Lungs

    Cascara Sagrada: Cleanse Colon Causing Muscle Contractions in the intestines that hEleos move stool through the bowels

    Rhubard Root: Highly Effective Laxative That Helps Improve Tone & Health Of Digestive Tract

    While drinking the tea you will eat from the Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide for best results.

    Drink 1 gallon of spring or distilled water daily.

    Instructions included with order.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice. Consult a holistic physician you trust before consuming any products. Do not take while nursing or pregnant. Do not take in conjunction with any other medications, over the counter vitamins or supplements.


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